Our customer commitments:

simple convenience

quality service

competitive pricing


We offer a comprehensive range of water based laundry cleaning services - just like your current laundry service only a whole lot more convenient.


This service is intended for normal garments and is charged by weight.

Please note: we have a minimum weight of 5kg per job - that is: if your job is less than 5kg you will be charged for 5kg.

We separate your whites and coloureds then wash and dry them in separate machines for each customer.

We wash your garments in cold water with cold water detergents to reduce the likelihood of shrinking, fading and bleeding.


We can also take care of your special pieces such as doonas, pillows and blankets, however because these pieces require special handling, we charge by the piece and some pieces may involve a longer turnaround time to ensure they are dried properly.


If you would like us to use your detergent, bleach, softener etc., place them in your wash/dry/fold smartbag - there is no extra charge.