Our customer commitments:

simple convenience

quality service

competitive pricing


Out of the way location, limited opening hours - does this partially describe your current laundry or dry cleaning experience?


What if your laundry and dry cleaner were in your residential building, office block or gym - and was open 24-7?

Drop off and pick up when it suits you, pay on-line - never again waste time and effort on this drudgery.

This is the level of laundry and dry cleaning convenience we can bring to you - maybe almost fun!

It would be pretty pointless providing high levels of convenience if it required a degree in astro-physics to be able to use it. We have invested a huge amount of time and effort in developing a customer interface that is exceedingly simple and intuitive to use.

Still to be convinced? - have a look at 3 simple steps to laundry liberation - how it works:

using our lockers at your location

using your building concierge