Our customer commitments:

simple convenience

quality service

competitive pricing


Dirty shop, scrawled paper receipts (if you are lucky), poor communications, poor customer service - does this partially describe your current laundry or dry cleaning experience?


What if your laundry and dry cleaner provided quality wash/dry/fold, ironing and dry cleaning services that allowed you to define preferences and special requirements without ever going near the store?

What if your laundry and dry cleaner had fully developed systems in place allowing their staff to easily keep track of your job through all processing steps?

And, most importantly - when the inevitable problem occurs - what if your laundry and dry cleaner offers apologies, reasons and solutions rather than excuses and evasion?

These are some aspects of the quality laundry and dry cleaning service we can bring to you.

All elements are important but possibly the single most important is the last - we put the customer first and never play blame games!