Our customer commitments:

simple convenience

quality service

competitive pricing


Firstly - welcome!

Do not let all the head scratching above worry you - our service is actually very easy to use.

You may have already viewed the following video - if you haven't then we encourage you to do so now as a means of familiarizing yourself with our service:


The above video assumes you are an existing customer - that is you are registered and have smartbags.

If you are a new customer then obviously you will be unregistered and without smartbags - the following video shows how to use our service the first time and overcome these obstacles:



As a new customer you obviously do not have any smartbags yet do not worry just follow these additional steps the first time:

put garments in robust bag/s of some description (pillow case, "enviro" shopping bag etc - maybe even a sheet tied at the corners). Use separate bags for LAUNDRY, IRONING and DRY CLEANING.

place a piece of paper inside each bag with your mobile phone number on it.

on the same piece of paper indicate "LAUNDRY", "IRONING" or "DRY CLEANING" as appropriate.

now follow the rest of the appropriate 3 simple steps to laundry liberation:

using our lockers at your location.

using your building concierge.

Your clean garments will return in appropriate new smartbags at no additional charge please use them for all future jobs you give to us.


After you SMS us the first time with a locker number our system will recognize you as a new customer and automatically send you an SMS with details of how you can easily register on-line. This involves making a 50 cent token payment on-line via the PayPal secure payment system.

Please note that the 50 cents is refunded in your first job.

There are two major reasons why we use this registration mechanism:

firstly, we want to ensure that you are (a) human and (b) serious - please look at it as a form of site security. Some web sites attempt to do this via a "scrambled eggs" input field - we don't think there will be too many automated malevolent web agents willing to pay 50 cents.

secondly, we use the PayPal system for all on-line payments - this is a way of introducing you to the process before you commit to using our services. We don't want you to have irretrievably committed to using our service and then find you can't, or don't want to, use the payment mechanism.