Our customer commitments:

simple convenience

quality service

competitive pricing


We invite you to be our partner in introducing our service - either locker based or concierge based - to your residential building, office block or gym.

We would prefer your location to have the following basic characteristics:

10+ apartments (residential building), 100+ office workers (office block) or 100+ regular customers (gym).

vehicular access to reasonable proximity of locker/concierge location.

(lockers) a small area in a secure, covered, well lit and possibly well trafficked area - there are no power or communications requirements.

Your location may be more suitable than you initially think - for example if your office has less than 100 office workers but your office is in a large building containing numerous other companies maybe a building-wide locker site is appropriate.

If you think your location could be suitable then please contact us, preferably by email.

After discussion with you, and with your concurrence, we will then introduce ourselves to whoever is responsible for managing your location and attempt to convince them of the merits of our service.

If we ultimately install our service at your location because of your introduction we would like to thank you by giving you a $50 voucher for our services.

Alternatively you may prefer to just forward this link directly to your locations management.