Our customer commitments:

simple convenience

quality service

competitive pricing


Our objective is to be price competitive with similar services of a similar quality - if you feel our pricing is not meeting this objective then please contact us.

We have a couple of rather unique issues associated with pricing:

because we offer our services over the entire metropolitan area, the pricing we are competing with varies considerably from one location to another - consequently what may be highly competitive in one area may not be in another.

there is no directly comparable service - probably the most comparable  would be an on-demand to-the-door delivery service - although we would claim this is significantly inferior (payment and rendezvous issues for starters).

the majority of our "competition" can only compete on price - we would prefer to explain a higher price than apologize for low quality.


If you wish to do some comparison shopping we have 3 "estimators" that you can use:


If you use these estimators please note that they really are estimators - your final job invoice may vary from any estimate they produce for any number of reasons, including but not limited to:

our count or measure may vary from yours.

our interpretation of what an item is may vary from yours.

some item unit pricing is variable, depending on the degree of difficulty associated with cleaning it - such items have "(min)" in their descriptions and the associated item unit price is to be taken as the minimum.

some items are just too difficult to price without inspecting them - such items have been left out of the estimators. A good example is the dry cleaning of wedding dresses - if you have an item that the estimators do not seem to cover please contact us.

to achieve a quality result we may have to apply additional treatments.

the estimators could include technical or other inaccuracies or typographical errors - please contact us if you suspect you have found such a problem.

If you have any questions on pricing of specific services or comments please contact us.