Our customer commitments:

simple convenience

quality service

competitive pricing



In 2011 we bought a run-down laundry and dry cleaning agency with the objective of totally changing the way laundry and dry cleaning is done at the retail level in Australia.

Dirty shops, out of the way locations, limited opening hours, scrawled paper receipts (if you are lucky), poor communications and poor customer service are out.

Simple convenience and quality service at a competitive price are in.

If you haven't already, we hope you'll join Sydney's laundry revolution soon!



Office and hygiene manager

After 12 years as veterinary nurse, dental nurse and dental supply customer liaison officer, Kym decided that she wanted to run her own business. After much seeking of advice she decided that retail laundries had some interesting business characteristics. Like most young people she is an avid consumer of information technology. Information technology meets laundries - the result was inevitable: my 24-7 laundry!

Kym's roles include ensuring all the company office and communications systems run smoothly - so if you contact us with a problem it will most likely be her that you communicate with in the first instance.

In addition, using the principles and protocols of hygiene learnt during her nursing career, Kym is responsible for ensuring the highest hygiene standards are maintained in all our processes.


Maintenance and logistics manager

Brett has 3 years experience in manufacturing and 8 years experience in managing the logistics of getting perishable consumables to the customer.

Our business has numerous bits of equipment that require maintenance - vehicles, lockers (more particularly locks), washers, dryers, computers, video cameras and automatic door mechanisms to name but a few. While Brett may not be the guy with the screwdriver in all cases he has overarching responsibility and knows the appropriate tradesperson required to solve a particular problem.

Laundry and dry cleaning are not normally perishable but a lot of the underlying logistics issues are similar so Brett is ideally suited to his other role of ensuring all the delivery aspects of the business run smoothly.


Customer experience manager

see the book...


Technical manager

Jack has in excess of 45 years experience adapting and integrating computer systems to solve problems in areas such as structural engineering, CAD/CAM and monitoring systems for fleets of sub-MILSPEC commercial vessels. At various times he has been engineer, IBM technical support, CAD/CAM bureau technical manager, software architect at a Lockheed subsidiary and owner of a commuter ferry service. Solving the problems of inconvenience associated with laundries and dry cleaners is an interesting new challenge.