Our customer commitments:

simple convenience

quality service

competitive pricing


Drop off:

remove any loose items in pockets, or on, dirty garments and place garments in appropriate smartbag.

give smartbag to your concierge.

SMS your building's my 24-7 laundry number (ask your concierge if in doubt) to:

0498 174 583

For example, if your building's my 24-7 laundry number is 13000 you would simply SMS:




Pay on-line:

When your garments have been cleaned we will send you an SMS with details of how you can pay on-line via the PayPal secure payment system.

Pick up:

When payment has been received, we will send you an SMS when we have returned your cleaned garments to your concierge.

New customer:

how do I register and get a smartbag

other questions frequently asked by new customers

Partner with us:

get my 24-7 laundry in your residential building, office block or gym